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Connor R. Borrego

Connor R. Borrego

Be your own business.

An eclectic polymath who sees web3 as answer to IRL socio-political and economic problems

I want work publicly to develop a community driven solution to create a comprehensive decentralized digital identity solution that maximizes freedom and accountability for all its users



Your online presence in one place. We are a composable, standard socket for all users' valuable data.

#1P #DUMaaS
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I believe...

that in spite of our social divides, we are just different reflections of the same core truth. 

The Connor Borrego that clings to tradition and likes stability is his web2 side, while his passionate drive to constantly learn and grow is a reflection of his web3 side.

Resistance to change is natural, but change is an absolute. Forgetting this keeps us locked in hell.

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I write multiple weekly columns, and publish media content daily spanning web3, entertainment & culture, and entrepreneurship.