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Connor R. Borrego

Connor R. Borrego


Career Summary

My strength as a product leader comes from my eclectic, polymath approach to learning and life. I believe it requires a close attention to both the macro, and the niche, environments of culture, politics, economics, and organization in order to build products that solve problems. I have spent my professional career working in digital marketing, product development, and business intelligence; primarily in the advertising technology industry.


University of Michigan

B.A. - Political Communications, Entrepreneurship

Syracuse University

M.S.B.A. - Business Intelligence Systems

Work Experience

PLAYHAUS [2021 - present]

• [2021-present] Chief Executive Officer - Developing a consumer data wallet; featuring productivity , financial , and growth management support suite. It serves as a no-code, 1st party data management tool for content creators, and eventually consumers, powered by web3 technologies. Includes a proprietary algorithm that rewards participants for contributing to collaborative intelligence data pools.

Google [2019 - 2020]

• [2020-2020] Product Expert - Earned 17 Peer Bonuses for my work educating other Googlers on the proper application of various matching learning and artificial intelligence based advertising products, which was exceptional for the 3 quarters I spend in this position.

• [2019-2020] Digital Strategist - Averaged +127% against sales quota of $1M+ in cumulative advertising spend management coaching recently funded start-ups through efficiently deploying growth capital; 2x Scaled Visionary Sales Award Winner.

AdAdapted [2017 - 2021]

• [2020-2021] Product Manager - Facilitated launch of two product trials. built predictive analytics for client impact studies, developed industry risk insights report.

• [2018-2019] Product Team Lead - Contributed to the monetization model and sales pitch of a Search-based advertising product; developed ad interaction, and ad systems wireframes; conducted internal business analytics research.

• [2018-2019] Ad Operations Manager - Deployed native mobile advertising campaigns with monthly budget ranges of $50-400k; developed optimization analytics tools that improved margins on ad buying by 17%.

• [2017-2018] Business Development Associate - Was a top performer in using email marketing tactics to secure meetings from outbound business development efforts.

Emergent Digital [2015 - 2022]

• [2021-2022] Chief Executive Officer - Went all-in on freelancing with my co-founder to offer web design & development, digital marketing, and business analytics services to clients and fund our eventual software product at the intersection of these services.

• [2015-2021] Entrepreneur in Residence - My journey to start my own company begins in a dorm room in the fall of 2013, but my first project that I see through a substantial amount of development and sales began after spending the summer building Emerging T's a marketing platform for student artists and participated in the DTX Launch Detroit accelerator.

RIP to Past Projects: Gunwales & Gentry, The Diag Mercantile, Emerging T's, COSA, Totem, FUNL, Arming Main Street, Bouge... I think that's all of them.

TV Appearances

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