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Connor R. Borrego

Connor R. Borrego

Released: December 7, 2022
By: Connor Borrego

I’m Pro-Selfish, Here’s Why

Growing up a refrain I heard from my parents often was that I was selfish and self-centered, and I probably was, but from my POV I was curious and unafraid of consequences.

I’m not entirely sure at what point I decided it was just best to embrace their truth; living selfishly out of spite for the contempt I felt emanating from unspoken tension.

But it was only through my embrace of my selfish nature that I’ve come to learn an interesting and worthwhile truth. The most selfish way you can behave in this life is unrestrained selflessness. Pure altruism.

The pursuit of helping as many people as possible with no regard for reason or care for reciprocation, in the way that they themselves want to be helped, attracts the ultimate reward the selfish ego or mind seeks, infinite good karma. Priceless.

And unlike with a person on a self righteous path that is attempting to humble themselves in someway so that they can maximize their own altruism – their motivation soiled instantly in a selfish desire to cleanse some sort of impurity – ultimately tarnishing the quest by the limiting morals they impose on themselves.

It is only when these altruists learn strategic selfishness, to take the steps necessary to fully utilize their personhood to make a difference by leveraging their advantages to access resources for the underprivileged, something rarely considered by self-professed altruists.

This isn’t Gordon Gecko saying Greed is Good; this is Connor Borrego saying knowledge is power.

That every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s karma bitch.

Connor Borrego

Connor Borrego

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